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December 2nd, 2005

CN had a curious development over night. Two NS run-through trains, both designated CN #784, were seen on the Dundas sub. The first one went down the Hagersville sub to Nanticoke late the night of December 1st. The second parked at about 10:30 am at Paris Junction and was still there as of this writing. I went to Paris to see it, and also saw CN #271, #148, #330, VIA #72 and #73, and CN #435. VIA #85 had 916 tonight, and I caught it at 23:45, completing my VIA P42dc roster!


Paris, Ontario

(map) Paris is just West of Brantford on the CN Dundas sub and was once the site of the junction between the Dundas sub and the completely defunct Drumbo sub that connected Paris and Stratford. There's also a large trestle in Paris.

2005-12-02.0943.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0944.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0945.Paris.jpg

CN #271 passes through Paris Junction.

2005-12-02.0946.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0947.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0948.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0949.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0950.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0951.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0952.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0953.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0954.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0955.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0956.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0957.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0958.Paris.jpg

CN #148 passes through Paris with a UP unit trailing.

2005-12-02.0959.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0960.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0961.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0962.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0963.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0964.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0965.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0966.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0967.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0968.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0969.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0970.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0971.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0972.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0973.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0974.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0975.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0976.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0977.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0978.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0979.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0980.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0981.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0982.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0983.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0984.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0985.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0986.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0987.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0988.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0989.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0990.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0991.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0992.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0993.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0994.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0995.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0996.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0997.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0998.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.0999.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1000.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1001.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1002.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1003.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1004.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1005.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1006.Paris.jpg

VIA #73 passes CN #784.

2005-12-02.1007.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1008.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1009.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1010.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1011.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1012.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1013.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1014.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1015.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1016.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1017.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1018.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1019.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1020.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1021.Paris.jpg

CN #435 passes CN #784 with its NS unit.

2005-12-02.1022.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1023.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1024.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1025.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1026.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1027.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1028.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1029.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1030.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1031.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1032.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1033.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1034.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1035.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1036.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1037.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1038.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1039.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1040.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1041.Paris.jpg 2005-12-02.1042.Paris.jpg


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

VIA #89 enters Guelph station as the recorded announcement rings out in the background.

2005-12-02.1086.Guelph.jpg 2005-12-02.1087.Guelph.jpg 2005-12-02.1088.Guelph.jpg 2005-12-02.1089.Guelph.jpg 2005-12-02.1090.Guelph.jpg 2005-12-02.1091.Guelph.jpg 2005-12-02.1092.Guelph.jpg 2005-12-02.1093.Guelph.jpg 2005-12-02.1094.Guelph.jpg