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December 22nd, 2004

We went looking at Deerfield yards, and while we did find them, I blew all my pictures of them. :( So it goes. In the afternoon I found a Guilford train heading to the NECR from the yard in Deerfield and chased it at its whopping 5 miles an hour from Bernardston to Northfield before running out of light.


Northfield, Massachusetts

(map) Home of Northfield Mount Hermon School, where I attended high school and met my wife, Northfield has the junction of the NECR and MEC lines in a rural area near the Vermont border.

2004-12-22.4653.Northfield.jpg 2004-12-22.4655.Northfield.jpg 2004-12-22.4656.Northfield.jpg 2004-12-22.4657.Northfield.jpg 2004-12-22.4658.Northfield.jpg 2004-12-22.4659.Northfield.jpg 2004-12-22.4660.Northfield.jpg 2004-12-22.4661.Northfield.jpg


September 7th, 2006

We made a field trip to Westfield, Massachusetts to see the Pioneer Valley Railroad and their funky CF7 units, catching a Guilford train at Hatfield on our way to Deerfield yard and seeing the Vermonter at Northfield on our way home.

2006-09-07.3884.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3885.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3886.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3887.Northfield.jpg

AMTK #56, the Vermonter, passes under the bridge at East Northfield junction with two P42dcs and 4 cars.

2006-09-07.3888.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3889.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3890.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3891.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3892.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3893.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3894.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3895.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3896.Northfield.jpg 2006-09-07.3897.Northfield.jpg


June 4th, 2009

After arriving at NMH before my classmates, I headed back out to the tracks for a bit for Amtrak 55 and NECR 323.

2009-06-04.6843.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6844.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6845.Northfield.jpg

AMTK #55 crosses under the bridge at the junction at East Northfield.

2009-06-04.6846.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6847.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6848.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6849.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6850.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6851.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6852.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6853.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6854.Northfield.jpg

NECR #323 passes the cemetery in downtown Northfield.

2009-06-04.6855.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6856.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6857.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6858.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6859.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6860.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6861.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6862.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6863.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6864.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6865.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6866.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6867.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6868.Northfield.jpg 2009-06-04.6869.Northfield.jpg