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December 22nd, 2004

We went looking at Deerfield yards, and while we did find them, I blew all my pictures of them. :( So it goes. In the afternoon I found a Guilford train heading to the NECR from the yard in Deerfield and chased it at its whopping 5 miles an hour from Bernardston to Northfield before running out of light.


Bernardston, Massachusetts

(map) The Guilford Maine Central (MEC) line heads through Bernardston on what would normally be a short treck from Deerfield to Brattleboro. Except the line is 5 to 10 mph so chasing a train is kind of like chasing a turkey, or would be if there were more grade crossings.

2004-12-22.4608.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4609.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4611.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4612.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4613.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4614.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4615.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4616.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4617.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4618.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4619.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4620.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4621.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4622.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4623.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4624.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4625.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4626.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4627.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4628.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4629.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4630.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4631.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4632.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4633.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4634.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4635.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4636.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4637.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4638.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4639.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4640.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4641.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4642.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4643.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4644.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4645.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4646.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4647.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4648.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4649.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4650.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4651.Bernardston.jpg 2004-12-22.4652.Bernardston.jpg


September 8th, 2005

We got up early and checked the NECR yard in Brattleboro. NECR #324, which we saw on the 7th, in both St. Albans and Milton was parked on the track nearest the road with no crew. It remained there for the rest of the day, not starting up until around 20:00. Meanwhile, we heard an NECR train head north through town but did not get to it on time, and missed both the north and south-bound Amtrak, but later in the day heard WJED - the Guilford train from White River Junction to East Deerfield yard and we caught it both in Brattleboro and again, after running some errands (GRS tracks in the area are limited to 5-10 mph) in Bernardston.

Guilford Rail System's White River Junction to East Deerfield yard (WJED) heads through Bernardston.

2005-09-08.0566.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0567.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0568.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0569.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0570.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0571.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0572.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0573.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0574.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0575.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0576.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0577.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0578.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0579.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0580.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0581.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0582.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0583.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0584.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0585.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0586.Bernardston.jpg 2005-09-08.0587.Bernardston.jpg